Prospect Dry or Prospect Wet
Fine Gold Recovery from Black Sand
Includes 12-volt battery, Runs 16 hours on Charge, Built-in Charger
Lightweight and portable - weighs just 10 lbs. with battery
Spiral Gold Recovery System Includes: built-in 12-volt battery, built-in battery
charger, Prospector Kit (instructional booklet, gold vial, 20-minute demo video,
comes packaged in your own concentration collection bag)
$445.95 + $10.00 SH
Gold Genie manufactures three different quality spiral gold wheels with a limited 5-year warranty. All three are
designed to recirculate water with a 12- volt pump, which is provided, and all three models have the following features.
All Gold Genie spiral gold wheels have a quality 18-inch blue spiral pan for easy observation of both gold and black
sand. The pan is injection molded from polypropylene plastic. The injection molding under heat and pressure assures
an exact copy of the mold with sharp definition of the ridges in the pan, which are critical for gold recovery. The deep
cut spirals with sharp edges allow the system to operate wet or dry. The heavy-duty 12-volt dc motor has a 2 speed
switching system. The low speed is about 15 rpms and the high speed is about 22 rpms. The switch allows high
speed, low speed and center off. A separate switch is provided for the 12-volt dc water pump so the units can operate
with or without water. The motor and pump have a total current draw of less than 4 amps. The gold and other values
are collected on the backside of the pan in a high capacity 10 1/2 inch gold pan. The fitting in the center of the pan
that the gold travels through is made of high quality stainless steel so that the units can be used for amalgamation.
The frames are all made from anodized steel for years of attractive service.
The Prospector Model has a heavy duty straight
frame and is the perfect tool for the serious
recreational miner or a small commercial operation
$589.00 + $25.00 SH
The Miner Model  is designed for high
volume applications with adjustable height
frame and a plastic skirt which directs all the
waste material to the rear. The height of the
legs are adjustable.
$685.00 + 25.00 SH
GOLD GENIE 18 inch Replacement Gold Wheel
The key to the GOLD GENIE spiral panner’s effectiveness is in its
bowl. When you have a Gold Genie you have the only spiral panner
with the exclusive patented "Poly G-2 Bowl" with double angle
progressive riffles. The "Poly G-2 Bowl" has superior one-piece
design - no inserts or seams to trap valuable gold particles. The
GOLD GENIE spiral bowl is injection molded for sharp crisp edges that
are critical for gold recovery in spiral wheels.
$169.95 + $20.00 SH
THE D.A.M. Gravity CONCENTRATOR BOWL KIT or "The Blue Bowl" as it is
commonly known will quickly recover your fine gold with only the water from a
garden hose, or it can be rigged to recirculate with just a 12 volt pump (included)
and a 5 gallon bucket (not included) Panning fine gold and black sand
concentrates by hand is very difficult and can be incredibly tedious. The Blue
Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder when setup and run properly.
This is the famous plastic blue bowl gravity concentrator designed to work
forever with no moving parts. Comes with water flow control valve, 3 feet of 3/4
inch flex hose, 750 gal per hour pump, pair of battery clips.It is strongly
recommended to wet the concentrates prior to adding them to the Bowl.
$99.95 + $15.00 SH

Add Bucket Clips & Levelers for $21.95
"MIDAS" Standard w/ Spray Bar - $360.00 (no tub)
$20.00 Shipping
~ Same Features as Midas Standard -
PLUS a spray bar. (see photo)
~ 2 gold recovery mats in the top.
~ Fine gold separators.
~ Use with Midas stand & leave the tub at home.
"Mighty" MIDAS - $395.00
$20.00 Shipping
~ Huge 9"x30" top and bottom.
~ 1200 GPH 12V Attwood pump - 4' hose.
~ Includes MIDAS Miracle Mat with 3500+traps in top unit.
~ Deep carpet - 5 galvanized riffles
- 1/2 " expanded metal in lower unit.
~ 5 ways to trap your GOLD.
~ Adjustable/swivel legs 18" & 24" long.
~ Fine gold separator.
~ Takes gravel as fast as you can scoop it in.
~ Off/On Switch.
~ 2 gold recovery mats int he top.
~ Butt up the side of a 30 gal. tub & recirculate out of the tub.
~ Use with 30 gallon tub for camp and home.
~ Stand is not attached to the unit.
~ Triple Use: camp, creek or river.
"Mega" MIDAS - $475.00
$20,00 Shipping
~ HUGE 10"X30" top and bottom.
~ (2) 800 GPH 12V Attwood pumps.
~ 1 pump for each side of the spray bar.
~ 2 gold recovery mats in the top.
~ All other specs same as Mighty Midas.
The Gold Mining Gold Wheel. Built-in Agitators Vibrate
concentrates to settle gold. Decreases processing time 25%.
Self-contained carrying case. Runs all day on three gallons of
water. The entire weight of the unit is less than 9 lbs including
the self-contained carrying case. The spiral pan is 12 inches in
diameter. All components are designed for rugged outdoor
use with no lubrication or maintenance. Runs on 12 volts DC.
The Gold Miner is the only spiral wheel with this gold grabbing
feature. The water volume from the spray bar is adjustable to
accurately remove the black sand and leave you with clean
gold  $314.00
$15.00 S&H
We sell these for you to use to
upgrade your existing GOLD MINER or
DESERT FOX gold machine to the new
$49.00 + $15.00 SH
Keene Engineering has developed the perfect concentrator riffle.
The first Hungarian riffle molded into a rubber matt and built into a
portable concentrator measuring 44” x 8” with built in header box,
plumbed with an adjustable flow valve to meter water flow and water
valve for clean up. Equipped with adjustable brackets, two 5 gallon
buckets and 1100 GPH pump.
$395.00 Please call for shipping.